PARC Disposals Ltd. Started operations in 1977. PARC Disposals were the pioneers of introducing portable sanitation to the southern Caribbean. At that time portable sanitation had never been used in Trinidad and Tobago. PARC Disposals basically jumped the gun in preparing for the serious environmental concerns that businesses were about to be faced with today in the sanitation field.

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We provide:
- Portable Toilets
- Portable Sinks
- Handicap Units
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- Toilets, Urinals,
- Hand washing sinks
- Waste Removal
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Six Man Urinal

Cost effective urinal for large parties and events.  Holds six men at one time


PARC Disposals Luxury Flush Portable Toilets

These flushing portable toilets come complete with A sink, soap dispenser and mirror.  Ideal for V.I.P Events and weddings.


Wheel Chair Accessible Portable Toilets

Wheelchair Accessible: This spacious wheelchair accessible unit is easy to move, transport and definitely provides users with room to maneuver.

Made For Convenience: Inside these units handrails, paper holder and unbeatable rotary latch/indicator system are designed and positioned for simplicity and ease of use.




PARC Disposals Portable Toilets

Regular static tank portable toilets.


Hand Wash
  • Two station hand washing facility

  • Place two units back-to-back for a four station hand washing facility

  • Foot operated pump provides immediate water stream


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